Little more about us!


DABULI aims to advance deeper understanding and strengthen the rich music, arts & cultural heritage of Nepal and the Himalayan region to build strong intercultural communities. It does this through research, performance, celebration, and advocacy as well as through other relevant collaborative opportunities.


  • To facilitate music and culture workshops; offer lectures and residencies; collaborate and perform music, arts, and cultural heritage of Nepal and the Himalayan region with those from other communities.
  • To educate, engage, and inspire the community to foster intercultural understanding and appreciation through high-quality, meaningful, and accessible musical and cultural collaboration.
  • To provide a platform for musicians, artists, and researchers to research, perform, promote, network, and sustain activities related to music, arts, and culture.
  • To support social, educational, and humanitarian causes, especially for the underprivileged and under-represented community, through all forms of arts.