Language digitization and documentation

Nepalbhasa Digitization

We've been working to document and digitize Himalayan languages. Currently focusing on digitizing the UNESCO-declared 'endangered' Nepalbhasa (Newar Language), a Sino-Tibetan language.

In January 2021, we launched the online Nepalbhasa dictionary, the largest Nepalbhasa dictionary with 30K+ word definitions. Working on producing meaningful, culturally relevant content in local languages. Also, developing various language tools and digitizing Himalayan languages.

Works in Progress

Highlights of our ongoing projects:

  • Nepalbhasa - English Dictionary: Finding Nepalbhasa word meanings in English and vice versa. Phase 1 includes 10K word meanings.
  • Nepalbhasa Learning Tutorials: Develop video tutorials for learning Nepalbhasa in Nepali and English.
  • Dictionary of Dolakha Dialect: Including 5K words from the unique Dolakha dialect of Nepalbhasa.
  • Nepal Lipi Tools: Creating tools for Nepal Lipi script, including a Devanagari-Roman - Nepal Lipi converter.

Community Partners

  • Nepalbhasa Academy
  • Lok Sahitya Parishad
  • Kuta Pikaka
  • Nepal Lipi Guthi
  • Kathmandu Metropolitan City