Nepal Festival

Nepal Festival", started in 2016, is our annual cultural event to showcase live music and dances from different ethnic groups of Nepal and the Himalayan region. Besides, it is also an opportunity to explore Nepalese arts, crafts, and cuisines.

The goal of this event is to create a platform for local artists and the general public to learn and perform Nepalese music and dances as well as educate, engage, and inspire the community to foster intercultural understanding and appreciation.

History: Nepal Festival in the Past

2023: The Nepal Festival expands its vibrant celebration to Bellevue College, WA, on November 18th, connecting hearts and cultures across regions.

2022: Breaking new ground, the festival steps into the open air for the first time, filling Volunteer Park Amphitheater with music, dance, and shared joy on August 28th.

2021: The spirit of celebration continues virtually, reaching audiences through a captivating live stream on Facebook. Revisit the magic on our YouTube channel!

2020: Responding to the challenges of the pandemic, the festival embraces innovation, transitioning to a virtual experience and bringing Nepalese culture to homes worldwide via Facebook live-stream.

2019: Seattle University welcomes the festival, creating a vibrant space for cultural exchange and shared experiences within the city.

2018: Shoreline Masonic Center becomes the festival's home, showcasing the captivating beauty of Nepalese arts and traditions to enthusiastic audiences.

2017: Partnering with the City of Shoreline, the festival takes place at City Hall, fostering meaningful connections within the community.

2016: The inaugural Nepal Festival ignites joy and cultural exploration at Shoreline Masonic Center, marking the beginning of an incredible journey!

Stay tuned! The future holds even more exciting chapters for the Nepal Festival, promising deeper cultural immersion and joyful celebrations for all.